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The Elixir Coaching INSIDEOUT program is a weight loss program like no other. From the start to the finish, you are treated as a unique individual. There is no rigid format, diet or training program. It’s all designed around you! Elixir Coaching will look at your past, present and future, to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.

If you want the body, health, energy, confidence that you’ve always dreamed of, then you have to start with the inside! That’s what the Elixir Coaching program is based on… starting work on the inside to get permanent results on the outside!

This applies to you as a whole. Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. All elements have to be addressed from the inside out. They all have to be in synergy with each other for the individual to be happy and balanced.

At Elixir Coaching, we believe that you have to love yourself for others to be able to love you back, and loving yourself also starts from the inside. Love yourself enough to put healthy foods in your body, to exercise to keep your body strong, fit and healthy and to be kind to yourself. Learn to love who you are, learn how to be more self-aware, how to become more mindful, how to change your mindset and your habits without feeling deprived or like you’re on a short term diet fix!

Be the Happiest & the Best that you can possibly be. It’s all about you and your life journey “The goal is important, but it’s the journey that is the most exciting, valuable and profound”

Donna Dawson (Director of Elixir Coaching Ltd)

Inside Out, 90 days with your personal weight loss coach

We all know that diets don’t work long term. We all know that fads don’t work long term.
Quick fixes aren’t the route to success. There is no pill or tonic that’s going to give you
the strong, fit, healthy body that you’ve always dreamed of and that will make you happy.
So what will work?

Staying positive!

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Staying positive!

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Still Procrastinating?

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