Still Procrastinating?

Are you STILL procrastinating? Are you STILL lacking motivation and positivity?

Then maybe you need a little help?

Forget resolutions, they are doomed to fail the moment that you make them. And if you fail on your new years resolutions year after year, why make them? If you do what you’ve always done then you’ll get what you’ve always got. So STOP what you’re doing if it’s not working and look to doing something different.

But to do something different, you have to look at what you’ve been doing first. Are your challenges too big? Are they not in line with your values? Are they simply not you? Once you’ve addressed what hasn’t been working, you can look at what has worked in the past and then add to it with things you’ve never tried before.

One key to goal achieving is breaking your goal down into smaller pieces. Here’s a word I heard recently, micro resolutions!! Plan micro resolutions, small changes that are easily achievable and will help you achieve greater success.

  • Set your goal and break it into tiny pieces – for example, if your goal is to lose 14lbs in weight. Establish how much you can happily and realistically lose per week.
  • Personalise your goal – staying on the weight loss goal as an example, if you totally change your diet, and by diet I mean what you eat daily, then doing this will be a huge task. Just look at what you’re already eating and make some healthy changes. White bread to brown for example. Sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes. Also when it comes to exercise, do what you enjoy. Don’t take up running because someone told you you should when you hate it. Think about what you like doing and go from there.
  • Decide on actions – Goals were never achieved without deciding on what action needs to be carried out. Make your actions specific. Don’t just say that you’re going to not eat so much bread. Say you’re going to only eat two slices a day on only two days in a week.
  • Give your actions a specific date and time – Once you have your actions decided upon, put these actions in your diary. If you can, put a time of day too.
  • Get cracking! – All that’s left now is to get on with your plan of actions. What are you waiting for?

If you still find yourself struggling with getting going, then all is not lost. Employ a life coach or a personal trainer. Most trainers and coaches can work around any time schedule and budget. So there really are no excuses left in the bag! Good luck! :)

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