Sarah Elvin

Now im proud of me.... Very very proud!!!!

Now I’m proud of me…. Very very proud!

Below is a picture of me on my 40th (just 4 yrs ago!) before I did my 90 day challenge!! I’m ashamed of how I use to look and completely embarrassed, but what a difference!! It doesn’t even look like the same person to me!!…. Now I’m proud of me…. Very very proud!!!!

Donna was with me every step of the way through my 90 day challenge. I have completely changed my way of life, and have succeeded in challenges I never thought possible…When I started I never thought I’d ever run, but now I happily go running 5k and I love it!

I recommend The Elixir 90 Day Inside Out Challenge to everyone who wanted to know how I’ve changed so much… Thankyou personally to Donna for all your amazing support and encouragement and for giving me all the tools I needed to carry on…… And I’m a runner too!… I never thought i would say that 🙂  x

It puts into perspective that you should look after yourself! #loving life #lovemex

Sarah Elvin 45

Full time Mum